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Nurse Carter Married
A modern girls dilema
35cm h x 26cm d

Finalist 2011 Biblio-Art Awards,
Blarney Books and Art, Port Fairy, Melbourne

1955 and Nurse Carter is a woman of her time. A career, a nice wardrobe, goes to dances and has two suitors. One, an old family friend, is dependable. The other a jet-setting publisher who is going places and wants to takes her with him. Serious about her nursing career but neither of them are. However one is serious about her; bides his time and lures her back to a sensible life as a 1950’s wife. Bye-bye career, bye-bye New York, rock a bye baby.
In the piece, she stands deep in her martyrdom burning her innards with a fire. “Is this it?” she ponders.

A piece for the competition inspired by old books this is for the 1955 'Nurse Carter Married' by Shirley Ruth Darbyshire