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About painting on ceramic.
I have plates and shoes on offer in my shop. Please look at how much work goes in to making both.

Onglaze is a method of decorating pottery, where the materials used allow painted decoration to be applied on the surface of the glaze. It is applied before the last firing so that it fuses into the glaze in the course of firing.

It contrasts with the other main methods of adding painted colours to pottery. These are underglaze painting, where the paint is applied before the glaze, which then seals it. Then overglaze decoration where the painting is done in enamels after the glazed vessel has been fired, before a second lighter firing to fuse it to the glaze.

During the Victorian era, the number of genteel young women obliged to seek employment became a pressing social problem. A formal education was not customary for girls. So, in 1842 a National School of Design was set up to train women who demonstrated a need to work.

Art rapidly came to be recognized as an extension of women’s traditional accomplishments and decorating art pottery became a dignified means to lady-like independence. China painting classes were held at the government’s South Kensington school and from 1866 to 1870 ladies were employed painting tile murals for the refreshment rooms of the Victoria & Albert Museum. Then because of the success of the venture, women were then employed to paint on pottery. The new fashion for painting on pottery plaques and tiles inspired other major manufacturers and retailers to look seriously at this form of decoration.

This form of decoration can seem a little quaint but that’s what I like about it and so many artists have been using it many ways. I love to use it decoratively and subvert its original purpose.