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Art Classes in Sydney Beginners Drawing and Perspective
Sydney Community College Beginners Drawing

July Beginners Drawing 2023
June Perspective Drawing 2023
March Beginners Drawing 2023
Feb Perspective Drawing 2023

Learn to put pencil to paper with our drawing courses in Sydney!

Anyone can learn how to draw, and our drawing course for beginners will show you how!

If you're an absolute beginner - or a bit of a doodler who wants to sharpen your pencil skills - this drawing beginners’ course is a great opportunity to learn with a small group in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

Drawing skills are a fundamental building block of all various forms of art such as illustration, fine art, or designs. Join this mindful course and learn from our professional and experienced artist how to draw.

In this Drawing beginners’ course, you will learn how to observe objects for drawing and be taught how to simplify different forms and structures with proportion and composition. We will look at how we can create an illusion of space by applying negative space and perspective and explore how to draw realistically.

With many exercises, demonstrations, and discussions throughout this course you will have a sound understanding about the core concepts of drawing including line, tone, perspective, and proportion.

Once you have completed this Drawing course for Beginners, you may like to keep practicing your drawing skills in one of our Drawing studios or expand on your drawing techniques by joining our Drawing course for Continuers.

Come along to discover new creative skills and start seeing your world as an artist.